Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was sitting alone on the seashore,
It was an evening, a beautiful evening.
The sun was going to set into the sea
The sea seemed mystic with its waves.
I saw a girl playing on the shore,
She was the daughter of the sea.
She wrote on the sand, her name
The cunning wave erased it.
She clapped her hands and laughed,
And again she wrote on the sand, her name.
Then she began to pick up some shells,
Decorated her sand house with the shells.
A big wave rushed above her sand house
The girl started crying, for a while;
The mystery of life, the mystery of the sea
Through the world the mystery goes on.
Every mind is a mystery, every creature:
The sea, the girl and myself.
Listening to the silent music of the sea; I heard
The boom of the sky, and the clouds were dark,
It was too late and the dull light on the world
I stood, walked away from the sea,
Once again, I looked at the sea
A small part of the sun, still remained to set.
Where’s the girl?.... I wondered,
She was not there, I looked around.
There was no longer the blue, beautiful sea
Dark, deep mystery of billowed sea…
The truth is the well known mystery
Mystery is the immortality of life,
It’s in our mind.

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